Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Content awareness in cs5 how to use

A simple way how to remove objects in the image and still remain the background, here is a simple tutorial on how to use CONTENT AWARE in Adobe Photoshop just follow the instruction and see steps in the pictures..

Step 1. 
Here is the photo and i want to remove the flowers in the stone.
 Step 2.
Use Polygonal Lasso Tool in LASSO TOOL

 Step 3.
Use Polygonal lasso tool to encircle or to make path to the flower you want to remove (see photo how)
 Step 4.
As you can see i make a path around the flower

Step 5.
in the selected object simply hit RIGHT CLICK and you can see a dialog, then click FILL then click CONTENT AWARE and NORMAL for blending 
 Step 6.
The image is vanished. then easy click MOVE TOOL (press V) for free selection.

DONE! here is the output

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