Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Human Barbie in Ukraine

Human Barbie from Ukraine name Valeria Lukyanova it is a trending search in all Search engine because of her Barbie human look. shes so beautiful and lovely girl. Valeria is so popular in her hometown because of her lovely look. many say that it is only a Photoshop but it is real. Valeria is known the Human Barbie and you can decide if this is true look for the image.

The human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine.

you can also visit some website regarding this trending Human Barbie in Ukraine.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw this post. I researched and checked it out on the net.. I'm sorry to say that she scares me. Really. Actually she looks like a "The SIMS" human real life version of BARBIE. LOL.The vague vacant look she always has on photos is scary.

  2. that is also one of the trending comment regarding to Valeria Lukyanova.. shes like also edited in Photoshop..

  3. lmaoooo she looks etreamly fake. I do agree with keri she looks like a sims doll and it is really scary. If she was borne like that it would be a unique trait but she paid to look fake.. UMMMM yeah I dont see the beauty in that people have nothing else to do with their money. This generation is drowned by influence

  4. guessing this is a "real doll" - a sex toy not a person. completely fake. I mean, you really can't tell?