Monday, April 23, 2012

Godswar the ultimate strike Battle mode

The 2nd best in PVP classification in Godswar Online is Mage, next to winner. Using magic magic wand as system, it can toss long range dangerous information communicating magic harm that goes into your real shield, also given the most defending skills in the game - the five superstar form (20% decreased real and amazing damage) and his best skills - the Silent. So, what is the best Capability create for Mage?

When using Mage as your classification, I recommend to create a Complete harm create. This create focuses on arrive at, hit ranking and essential arrive at harm. Capability create should complement your full harm create or whatever create you like. As a guide, whatever classes you are, force up all your capabilities plant to level 15 or up to level 20. The reason behind is, as the ability ability increases, the Capability points required also increases. Developing up a ability that do not complement your create  is a spend of TP.

Amazing Harm Build

As a Mage, you should have an improved strange damage, other classes are subject to magic reach because it's very uncommon that you can see a individuality with 1.5K magic resistance. The advantages of using Mage is that other classes don't have excellent resistance on strange reach and it really impacts them. Force up main Focus, main Chanelling, main Sorcery and sorceror's Longevity. Levelling should be taken 1 at the same period, example, if you level up main channelling to 21, you should level up the sorceror's durability to 21 before any going further. Capability Movement are confirmed in the picture above.

Hit Ranking and Essential Strike

Higher amazing damage is worthless if you don't hit your attacker and keep on dropping. After you level up the sorcerer's longevity to 21, level up the main stability and the Gold silver eagles stability. Don't neglect the hand's of Fortune, you really need an increased necessary to eliminate an attacker. After you level up hand's of fortune to 21, you can now go to main focus for level 22 and the design is the same. Never level up 1 capability skills up to 40 in one taken, it will just eat all your capability aspects. You should propagate it at even levels with reach, hit score and crucial.

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