Monday, April 23, 2012

Hacker Vs. Hacker China vs. Philippines = Scarborough Shoal

 After the official website of the University of the Philippines was defaced by hackers who

claim to be from China, the Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines group posted links of defaced

Chinese websites from their Facebook Fan Page. Below is a screenshot I took from one of the index pages that were defaced. Websites that were defaced by the said group include;, and After a few minutes, a guy named Supra Dick also showed his 4 deface pages in the same fan
page. Here is an image from one of his defaced links. Most of the sites I mentioned have not yet removed the defaced pages which means that the website administrators are not yet aware of the intrusion.

Could this be a start of a cyberwar between Philippines and China just because of territorial disputes and the recent hacking of a school website?As of now this has not been realized yet, but let’s hope it does not spark a cyberwar.

"ayon sa source ng article may mga taong nag comment na pag dating sa digmaan Pilipino nag kakaisa."
hindi natin hayaan na sirain tayo ng iba. :) kung hacker sila mas hacker ang pinoy :) hehe...

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