Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to secure your account Password

A bad news is scattered in Facebook about hacking and how to get hacker your IP Address and able to make full control into your account so beware.

Here is some tip how to prevent hacker into your Facebook and Social Networking Sites.

when you are renting computer in computer shop you need to secure and be an observant in your surrounding some hacker look for the password while you are typing.

Need to check up when some Fishing application install in the computer like FISHING and others, it might hack your account in an instant. by using this application (fishing or fisher) it is easy to write a password in the hidden folders.

Use a password with combination of numbers and letters and some capital character. by using this, hacker is hard to trace and see what is the password you have. this is also need for games password and website password.

If you are aware that the computer has an application that hack you, you need to assist for someone who knows how to do and delete it. you can do also by going to "control panel" and check for some applications that are not suitable and not familiar. and you can also delete the history of browsing by "pressing CTRL+H" shortcut for Google history. by pressing this. you can delete the previous search.

When you are typing your password into Facebook of some application need a password you need to check the note that you don't want to save your password instead click for "Some Other Time"

Don't hesitate to used your own computer in your house, that is the best way how to secure your amount information.

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