Monday, April 23, 2012

Oracle Solaris II

The new version of the Oracle os designed for the thinking. Oracle has customized its Solaris os, its version of UNIX, along with a few features that make it appropriate for use in thinking conditions, and link it more properly with other Oracle applications.

Basically Solaris 11 is aware the complexness of managing applications in a ‘cloud features and allows the delivery of any program released for the os Oracle conditions are now managing in an environment where unique gadgets and real.

Solaris 11 X86 framework that works both on Sparc CPUs. Within the framework developed by Oracle customers will benefit from the use of different groups (zones) with different workloads on a single real machine.

Even in the case of Oracle the enemy to beat is VMware and the company indicates that the areas do not present any limitation on storage area space options, program, CPU and storage area space. As in any complex program management concerns going on. This is why Oracle has developed a operate called Fast Reboot, to increase the power of unique gadgets after a program upgrade or a spot.

All new management program, which maintains the name of the Image Overall look System and views the various dependencies of the applications and selections in virtualized conditions. In similar applications have been updated: 11 Databases, Mixture Middleware and program management 11 Business Manager Ops Center.

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