Sunday, April 22, 2012

Window loader v1.9.5

First of all if you have a problem
of activating your windows
7 Ultimate, and it says your
copy of windows is not genuine..

Now!!! it is tested 100% on SP1... just repeat step no. 5 if it turns out trial again after update to SP1... or just repeat some steps procedure to gain back the genuine status...

Most of all, you can say that this is too many ways of activating OS. sometimes we say that, why that you can't activate OS with only one? like for example removeWAT only. then, and i said: why not!. but, when yo go to to microsoft validate your OS is bugos or unknown. it can't be validated. because, WAT=Windows Activation Technologies is removed. and your blocklisted product key is still present or intact. you know why; because, when your OS last time, turned out as non-genuine, the only remedy in your mind is to removeWAT tools .. but, you don't know that, microsoft will still pursuing going to install WAT=Windows Activation Technologies. (Critical Security Update,,.. KB971033.) and that is we can't avoid especially when it come to validation as genuine. so, as i said, you will be forced to restoreWAT. and go to use activators. but, base on my experience, this method of steps is very effective 100% sure as genuine. so, it is up to you to believe it or not.



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