Thursday, March 29, 2012

Editing image using Puppet Warp Tools Adobe Photoshop

Here is simple tutorial of PUPPET WARP TOOLS in adobe Photoshop it is easy to make with an easy instruction just follow the instruction to perform well what your editing..

PUPPET WARP TOOLS is an Adobe Photoshop tools that able to move image parts just like in the pictures. Puppet warp tools is available in Cs5 and  Cs5 Extended.

Lets Begin.
Step 1.
First you need an image to edit, i just download man in Google image.
you can locate puppet warp tools in EDIT" and select puppet warp.

Step 2.
After selecting PUPPET WARP you can see the image your editing is like the image below. it has tiny thin wire around the image your editing.

Step 3.
You can now put YELLOW button pin in the image.
Note: the yellow pin button is used to pin the image parts so that it cant moved, just like in the pictures i pinned some in the  head, hands, body, and foot so that it cant move.

and the hands with stick, i pinned then i select (view image to large)
and all you have to do is "drag the pin where you want to move."

 Step 4.
here is the finish edit in step 3.

Step 5.
you just repeat the previous step to move another parts..


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