Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Start and create your own blog

This is the tutorial on how to make your own Blog, you can make your own blog and featured all you want to put in your own website/blog. it is easy to make all you have to do is carefully read the instructions follows.

Anyway what is Blog? 

Blog is a simple website that can put all the information you want to share in the internet like hobbies, if you want to share it in on the internet to read it by fellow blogger. other example is you want to post about the place you came from vacations, schools, blog about cooking, dresses and many more. all you have to do is create with a simple way.

What should i get in blog?
Many bloggers create blog because of personal matters used, the great is while your blogging sharing to the internet there is way to create money in your blog. you may post a different advertisement in your blog and the most popular is Google Adsense.

You share information same time earned.

So here is the step how to create a Blog/website

You need:
Email Address to send information about your blog. you can create and

Step 1.
First you need to sign up Blogger in the official site. ( and create your blog in the upper right.

Step 2.
Fill up the form about the information you have.

Step 3.
After you fill up the form with correct information there is another one form asking you to enter your mobile number for " Confirmation"

Step 4.
Enter the code you received in your mobile number and its done.

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