Monday, March 19, 2012

how to customize image text (clipping mask)

Here is the tutorial of simple adding image into text or a clipping mask, it is easy just follow the step

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Step 1.
create a new layer with a text like in the picture you need to put a good font to maximize the image you want to used.

 Step 2.
after creating a text, insert an image you want to use into separate layer look into the pictures.
 Step 3. 
after you done the step 1 and step 3. 
-make sure the image is upper of your text layer and make sure to highlight. and then press CTRL+ALT+G
-after pressing, the image is just like in the picture.

 Step 4.
After done step 3. you can adjust the "OPACITY" to highlights the canvass of your artwork image.

Step 5.
put some blending options by easily right click to the layer you want to add blend. and its up to you what you what value you want to put..


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