Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Format your computer using windows xp

Tutorial on how to format your computer using Microsoft XP just the image i made it simple and step by step so lets begin.

PRESS F2 or DELETE for bios set up and set CDROM for FIRST BOT 

Step 1
After successfully configure your bios set and ready to format the the actual image after you format is like the image below.

 Step 2.
PRESS ENTER to continue
 Step 3.
F8 to continue
Step 4.
here is the step whether you want to make a partition in your OS press ENTER to partition and just simply divide the digits like in the image.
 Step 5.
You can now select what type of speed for your formatting process. if you want to surely format (depends on your installer if has a scratch or damage) choose normal (like in the pictures) but if you want to quick format select FAT <Quick> 
 Step 6.
here is the next after you click FAT selection. Setup is now loading
 Step 7.
and now copying files
 Step 8.
and now computer reboot.
For the final step, wait until set up finish approximately time is 40 mins. if your installer has windows KEYS you just simply put if needed. 

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