Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cosmic flow for android smartphones

Operating system mobile phone created ​​by Panasonic are always exciting, especially because of the Timescape UI. Program created by Panasonic is designed very well, so it was reasonable if another Operating system mobile phone owners want to have it.

If you're want to have Timescape UI on your Operating system mobile phone, thanks to the XDA Boards. It's because they won create the stay background from Panasonic. Known as as the Cosmic Flow, now Panasonic stay background can be set up on all Operating system mobile phones.

Cosmic Circulation has a Panasonic feel that provide contact performance and delicate search. Not only that, live background also functions several alternatives to change the wind shade. Cosmic Circulation will certainly give a different shade for your Operating system phone. If you are fascinated with it

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