Thursday, April 5, 2012

Important thing how to increase your traffic in your website

I have listed some of the important thing how to increase the traffic of your blog and all of this are truly applicable in your blog or a website. we all know that the traffic or a visitors in one blog is the important thing to stay and focus to it. here is some tip to considered in blog.

1. Participating in one blog is one important thing to increase a traffic in your blog to earn more friends and visit in your blog too. participating in one blog is one important thing to considered when you are insufficient amount of traffic. by this the tip surely it gives a lots of traffic and make a good website.

2. Make a links in your blog is also called a "back link" it is good idea how to make a visitors view all the post you have it depends on how many back links made in your blog. example i wrote about webmaster tools and i want to show to the reader that i have a topic regarding on that thing and that is the time visitors take a look in the highlighted words. that is also one of the important thing  for making improve your back links.

3. Make a discussion or a play that makes your visitors visit many times. example make or post a popular games or a trivia to discuss or to play. by this thing visitors allow to visit again and again to view if he/she tops the score or someone give a reply on that trivia. visit many times is good enough counts as a traffic.

4. and the important is it is not important how many visitors came in your blog but how long they are stay in your blog. visitors is considered as traffic but it is better someone stays long in your blog to show that your blog is more interesting than just viewing it as points as impressions..

5. believe in your blog, the blog is you..

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  1. I am doing backlink which you guide me but their is no increase in link What is the wrong? pls give some tips....

  2. traffic is one unique way how to earn good revenue. did you reading the articles above??

    the important is update your blog regularly and make a new article with outstanding monthly search and its trending in the internet. used also image in your article. i read some website said. a thousand word is 1 image. all in all a visitors is mad reading your article when something fresh image in your wrote article mam