Sunday, April 15, 2012

Timeline for Facebook and User guide

Many computer user is now using the popular social network Facebook and they are upgraded into Facebook Timeline, by using this Timeline many good and awesome application added by this Facebook Timeline like you can put your own banner photo into your Facebook profile awesome right. you can put anything picture into this banner, if you want to customize it and add other graphics you can used online application and using Adobe Photoshop.

But then many users around the world is not satisfied and did not want to put this Timeline into their profile that's why many users around the world looking for the solution on how to discard and remove their Facebook Timeline Application.  and many users are trying to make a solution on how to fix it and return the original Facebook.

Facebook Timeline Plus is one of the newly discovered social network with a good and lovely view such as games and application. online chat that can chat with your friends and love one where ever she is and anytime. Timeline Facebook is also make life easier by chatting your friends and sending a message even it is online or an offline. application such as Instagram that can share easily your photo. just click and then share, games in Facebook is also available like Fishville , Farmville and the popular games now the Tetris and many more interesting Facebook Games and Application.

Make your account and ready to Face the World.

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