Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facebook Timeline the Useful Remover

 Many users around the world searching for good and surely discarded of Facebook Timeline and here is some of my tutorial on how to make your Facebook Timeline remover just follow the steps and surely the timeline of your Facebook is disappear this is surely working..

Step 1.

For those Mozilla Browser you can download this Facebook Timeline Remover by clicking and just download it. and after you can download this timeline in your Facebook is disappear.

Here Download for Mozilla Browser.

Facebook Timeline Remover

Step 2.

For those Google Browser here is the download link. like Mozilla Firefox you need to download and install.

Facebook Timeline Remover for Google browser.

Step 3.

For those Internet Explorer Browser here is the link like Google browser and Mozilla Firefox step you can download and install.

Facebook Timeline Remover for Internet Explorer

All downloads are Media Fire. download and surely its useful.

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