Friday, May 18, 2012

Electric Unicycle the Ryno

If you really like transferring brings when you take a journey around town, then the Ryno energy unicycle is probably for you. Designer Bob Hoffmann had his vision set on the Segway viewers when he started execute on the Ryno, and he has come up with quite the interesting looking one-wheeled automated. The cost for a pre-production Ryno is a large $25,000 and Hoffmann already has five buys, but he wishes the market design to cost about $3,500. The design will have a top amount of 25 mph, a large range of up to 30 miles and an awesome 25-inch large exhaustion. Hit the jump for film proof of this system in action!

Read more: The Ryno Power Unicycle is a One-Wheeled Muscle Device | Inhabitat - Maintainable Style Progression, Eco Framework, Organic Creating

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