Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mothers day special

May 13, 2012 the day of our beloved Mother, the celebration of Mother's Day the question is did you prepare for this event? you need to prepare and make effort for this day because this one special for our mothers. did you make a gift for her? it is expensive or cheap? anyway it is not matter weather it is special or cheap the important is their is an effort, love and care in that gift and you can also make a mothers day poem or quotes to say you love her.

Aside of giving things as a present, why you'd try to give her a special gift by giving her a hug, a kiss and word i love you. that is one special gift you can gift to our mother because this is one day once in a lifetime we need to give her our best in this day and make this day a special day to her.

A simple " i love you" is one of the meaningful words and most precious gift we can give to our mother. make an effort to this event and make our mother proud to us.

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