Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to make Cartoon pictures in Adobe Photoshop

I just want to share on to make a cartoonize image in adobe Photoshop, just follow the the step together with the instruction so lets begin.

Step 1. 
-you need a photo to edit and duplicate it: Layer -> Duplicate
-after duplicating, you need to 'Color Dodge' or simple press shortcut key shift+Alt+d after adding the color dodge you can see like the image below.

Step 2. 
 invert: Image -> Adjustments -> Invert. or  the short-cut, 'Ctrl-I'

 Step 3
just like the image below after applying step 2.

Step 4.
 apply the Gaussian Blur: Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur put 2.0 in the radius pixel

 Step 5. 
Apply threshold: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Threshold

 Step 6.
 you need to put 244 in the threshold level just like in the pictures

Step 7. 
then you can see some dotted spot you need to erase it using eraser tools but make sure the pallet is black and highlighted to the background. 
-after cleaning the background dotted, you need to add a new layer for coloring: layer>new>layer or shortcut key shift+ctrl+n and chose multiple for assorted color you can apply.

Step 8.
 it depends on you what color you want to apply in the pictures. then after putting color you need to add smart sharpen by following the image below.

Step 9. 
put photo filter: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Photo Filter

Step 10. 
then put sepia with a density of 50% just like in the picture.

Step 11.
after finalizing your cartoonize image. lets go now to our canvass and our background. i just made another one with exact size of the finish recognized imaged. then simple add gradient (follow step below). 

Step 12. 
go to the image you created and duplicated to the background.

 Step 13. 
this is the output of the image you made in step 11.
-then add flatten image: texture or style, Layer -> Flatten Image
 Step 14. 
The output in procedure 12.

 that's it.. you make a cartoonized pictures. try to make more photos...

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