Monday, March 19, 2012

How to make puzzle effect pictures in Adobe Photoshop

Here is the tutorial on how to make a puzzle effect photo's and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1.
-find a pictures to edit
-you need to duplicate the layer by simply pressing Ctrl+J (like in the pictures)

Step 2. 
Create a new layer

 Step 3.
 after creating a layer put it in the center (like in the picture)
-go to EDIT and fill with color black.
Step 4.
 here's the output regards in step 3.

Step 5.
 Select the layer 1 and go the FILTER-TEXTURE-TEXTURIZE and chose PUZZLE effect (like in the picture)

 Step 6. 
this is the output after you select puzzle effect. depend on you what is the value for scaling and relief.

 Step 7.
 next your going to do is chose the free form pen tool and select the puzzle key like in the pictures.
 Step 8.
 after applying pen tool and done the step 7.
-Go to Layer > New > Layer via Cut. to cut the image puzzle key into another layer, then select the puzzle key image and simply put some drop shadow effect. (right click the layer)
Step 9.
here is the picture after you done step 9.

Step 10.
 just repeat the procedure in step 7 and 8 to cut another puzzle keys.

Step 11.
 here is the procedure how to add drop shadow effect.

 Step 12. 
then, we can change the background of layer 2 into pink. or you just simply press ALT+backspace

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