Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artificial Intelligence Robotics brief summary

People today are high technology like cellphones, i phones and digital cameras. but more intriguing today is how to make robot with a lot things can do. by using censor, a robot can make what like a human did and its good news that many countries build their own robot just to show that they are not last when it comes in technology.

And in our country Philippines, many robots are made by students and most of them won in the international competition and get the trophy. many colleges here in the Philippines are studying Robotics subject and AI or Artificial Intelligence and its worth. its good to have a good robotics subject and Artificial Intelligence to enhance the knowledge of our youth inventor and maybe it become next Albert Einstein in the making.

One of the Robots made in the Philippines is MAGES or " Mans All-around Global Interactive Solution made by 2nd & 3rd year high school students. Mages is made in building blocks and it was design to detect when flood is came. it was a successful robot ever made in the Philippines. it was made more or less 8 months and over half a million money used to build this amazing robot. according to inventor, their was a robot puppy inside the Mages robot that can give a signal when flood came.

other Mages robot can do was to detect what is your body temperature and mages robot can also read your blood pressure. it is amazing right?

When it comes high tech and inventions we say that Philippines has many Einstein to build and make a good new inventions and maybe in the coming years one Filipino can build the most awaiting Time machine. who knows?

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