Thursday, April 12, 2012

how to remove right protected in your flash drives or memory cards.

Many computer user around the world problems about their USB is a write protected that's why i want to share this solution to fix the right protected in your USB's. this is tested in windows XP

Here is the Problem when you trying to move a file into another computer or storage.

Some of those problems pop up when you tried to copy a files or to move is

Media is write protected 
Cannot format the drive, drive is write protected
The disk is write protected 
Remove write protection or use another disk 
Cannot copy files and folders, drive is write protected 

and i have a solution and a tip how to fix your problem.

Step 1.
Go to Start Menu > Run > regedit and press enter this will enter the registry editor.
Locate the following Path :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>Contro l>StorageDevicePolicies

NOTE: if the key is not exist download that automatically added in your registry.

the image below is the registry editor.

Step 2.

Double click into the write into the write protected and set 0 in the value data.

After done the step 2. exit to the registry and again re connect your USB or flash drives, memory cards and that's it.. you can now transfer or copy files into another storage. if does not work restart the computer.

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