Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to burn CD without any software

Here is the tutorial on how to BURN a CD/DVD without using any software such as Nero burner or other burning software. this is good tutorial for those offline computers, here it is

Step 1.
Insert your DVD/CD/RW into your CDROM, make sure that when you burn the CD make sure that it is compatible to your CDROM. you can see the image pop up like the image below.
in the Disc Title put the CD name "MyFirst CD".

Step 2.
Locate the documents you want to burn in your CD.

Step 3.
After locating the files you want to burn, click the next button. (follow the instruction in the image).

Step 4.
Here it is click again the NEXT button..

This Tutorial is tested in Windows 7 and Vista.

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